Understanding emotions behind interpersonal challenges

Understanding Emotions

Developing emotional literacy to interpret emotions and convert them into productive energy in the workplace

When cross-cultural challenges arise, we tend to come up with solutions rooted in rational analysis. While this is important, it is insufficient if we don’t reflect on the emotions that led to those challenges. Before we can understand and address interpersonal challenges at the cognitive level, we need to apply the emotional literacy that helps us correctly interpret the emotions at play and convert them into the energy that serves us while designing our solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about emotions and debunk myths;
  • Reflect on why emotional literacy is such an integral part of DEI work;
  • Analyze how awareness of our own emotions helps limit the impact of bias on our actions;
  • Understand how common emotions can manifest power;
  • Deep dive into emotions often appearing in DEI work: denial and disappointment.

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes  

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