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Global Virtual Team Training – 5 Key Elements

By Keith Warburton, founder of Global Business Culture, partner of ACCULTURA Keith Warburton, CEO of Global Business Culture, is ACCULTURA’s partner in the UK. As an expert in cross-cultural awareness training for business, he has been running global virtual team training for over 15 years for major corporations worldwide. Given the

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Diversity united

Cultural differences and unity in times of crisis

A dear friend recently sent me a video conveying a unifying message: Matthew McConaughey’s plea to unite in “fairness, kindness, accountability, resilience, respect, and courage” to fight this “faceless, race-less, and sexless disease.” This mobilizing video genuinely speaks to the “We are becoming one” message, as my friend observed. McConaughey’s

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3 International Marketing Blunders

When Ford launched its Ford Pinto vehicle in Brazil, its branding team learned the hard way that “pinto” was a slang term for “small male genitalia”… Taking your business abroad is a big step in the expansion of your company. New people, new markets, new money – it’s an exciting

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Diversity In The Workplace

  Diversity is more than a recent trend among businesses. It’s more than a tool for companies to appear progressive. Diversity is the new reality of the world, whether personal or professional. It’s a necessity to allow our societies to keep moving forward. A heterogeneous workforce is crucial to help

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What Is Cultural Intelligence?

A game-changer in a world without frontiers Imagine this scenario. You lead a successful company based somewhere in Europe. Business is booming; people love your product and profits abound. You have amassed enough capital to contemplate new horizons. Your advisors inform you that your product has great potential in Japan. 

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3 Useful Tips to Lead a Virtual Team

3 Useful Tips to Lead a Virtual Team

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash   Technology has opened exciting new doors for entrepreneurs. One such opportunity is to conduct business virtually. We can now build a company and lead it to success entirely on the internet. Whether you’re selling goods, offering services, or even blogging and streaming game videos, you can

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Like a Boss

International Business Management Advice From 4 Successful CEOs

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash International business can be both a thrilling adventure and a ruthless trial. This is particularly true for new entrepreneurs trying to pierce into lucrative markets overseas. Your ambitions and the inspiration from the success of predecessors can drive you to realize your dreams. However, while the experiences

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2019: Long live cultural differences

The implementation of major trade agreements such as the one between Canada and the European Union (CETA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) are a testament to a wide market opening on a global scale. The expanding variety of communication solutions, increased access to the Internet

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London Eye

Cultural Diversity: A matter of perspective

The London Eye: a spectacular landmark in a city filled with arrestingly diverse architecture – a structure rarely missed, and often photographed, by anyone who visits the British capital. Given my last London escapade involved Cultural Intelligence training, I thought I’d use the Big Wheel as a metaphor to explore a key

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Épices et couleurs de Dubai

Multiculturalism: Mosaic or melting pot

The perception of multiculturalism can vary as much as the diversity of cultures within a country’s borders. As I’ve been diving deep into cultural research of late, I’ve stumbled upon multiple descriptions. One particularly captured my attention: the difference between the Canadian and the US perspective of multiculturalism. Canada tends

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