translation & copywriting

Content translation and copywriting to fully engage culturally diverse audiences

Language is the first entry point of a culture. One needs to know how to write it and translate it appropriately to engage a culture-specific audience efficiently — in other words if one aspires to speak “to their heart.” Whether you need translating, copywriting or adapting texts, ACCULTURA’s international team knows how to do it right.

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Translation and cultural adaptation

The English Canadian writes like the British but thinks like a North American… Culture colours the language and makes it unique. It influences the message — and its keywords. If you intend to address culturally diverse audiences, translating copy is not enough.

To reach, compel and convince your audience, you have to speak THEIR language —  Montreal French, London English, or Barcelona Spanish. Our team of culturally diverse translators adapt texts to make them culturally relevant to the target audience. We work in:

  • English (Canadian, UK, US)
  • French (Canadian, European)
  • Spanish (Mexican, European)
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Gathering extensive communications expertise, ACCULTURA’s team knows how to write content to reach targeted audiences – in their language and according to their cultural codes.  Writing, proofreading, editing or rewriting, our team of content experts knows how to create compelling and convincing texts.

ACCULTURA provides writing services in English (Canadian, UK, US) and French (Canadian, European). Our team is also well versed in epicene and inclusive writing

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In addition to our translation and copywriting services, ACCULTURA provides cultural consulting services, cultural training, e-learning tools and teaching aids.