Teleworking, e-learning and crisis recovery

With COVID-19, most countries are on pause. Large segments of the population are going online, many of them to ensure business continuity. Remote work is becoming a business lifesaver. Some are accustomed to it, and others are just jumping in. We either see this situation through rose- or dark-coloured glasses. Is it an insurmountable obstacle? Or is it rather an excellent opportunity to deepen one’s knowledge and better prepare for the recovery? 

After managing the anxiety and the kids, every worker and professional in confinement wonders how to stay productive. How do we turn this strange state of affairs into an opportunity to develop knowledge and business?

E-Learning in the pandemic era

Never before in our time has there been such a fantastic opportunity for e-learning. Online training provides the tremendous advantage of continuing to develop our knowledge while time is finally on our side.

Online courses, webinars, videoconferencing… The Internet abounds with tools to deepen our knowledge in virtual space, safe from viruses. We can explore a thousand opportunities to make the most of our time and talents.

Here are some ideas for the confined teleworker in search of knowledge:

  • Take an online course offering information and solutions to a business challenge – Udemy, EdX and Coursera, among others, offer many courses, including several from leading universities. ACCULTURA also provides online training and tools to help companies perform in cross-cultural contexts;
  • View a seasoned expert’s video to perfect a skill – Masterclass stocks a good load of quality e-learning videos;
  • Organize virtual meetings to share knowledge or follow a group training session – Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype (to name a few collaborative platforms) are perfect for this purpose.

In times of crisis, prepare for recovery

Of course, we can take advantage of this downtime to catch our breath or get in shape, or spend more time with family – certainly commendable and healthy activities. But let’s not forget that recovery will come, perhaps sooner than later. And this unexpected break will encourage the most proactive people to prepare for it.

What an ideal time to tackle projects so often postponed due to lack of time – projects often essential to growing our business. Online collaboration tools – and the availability of remote working experts – provide an excellent opportunity to tackle tasks such as :

Optimistic recovery

Deepening knowledge with online training and tackling dormant projects essential to business growth bodes well for an optimistic recovery. And if all teleworkers in confinement get on board, we can anticipate a robust economic recovery. It is our hope for the planet, post-COVID-19!

Stay safe!










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