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Culture inclusive
cultural diversity

Inclusive Cultures

Our Inclusive Leadership Sessions (ILS) lead our participants to dive into myriad topics and candid conversations. One is cultural values, which we analyze before the sessions using cultural intelligence assessments. The assessments provide information on the participant’s position within the spectrum of a pair of “opposing” cultural values such as

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cultural intelligence

Cancer and Bias in the Workplace

Too often, we think of cancer as a death sentence. However, this disease has multiple forms, and survival rates are increasing. In Canada, 1 person out of 2 will be affected by cancer during their lifetime, representing a significant portion of the workforce, whether employees or entrepreneurs who create jobs.

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Diversité et éducation
diversity and education

Teaching with cultural intelligence

This winter, I taught a course on Communications and Cultural Intelligence to a group of master’s students at Montreal’s HEC. None of them was of Canadian origin. One was from China, 2 from the United States, 1 from Italy, and another was newly established in France. I provided the course in

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Diversité, équité et inclusion

The battle against racism, sexism and other ill-fated isms

Canada, Spring of 2021 – Spring has been heartbreaking in my homeland. In May, 215 tiny bodies were discovered on the grounds of a former Residential School in British Columbia. In June, Ontario had to bury a Muslim family of 4 killed as a result of hate. And as I

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