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cultural diversity

Selling to international clients – 3 critical steps

How can you capture your Chinese prospect’s interest in an email? Is your French-Canadian presentation adapted to convince your prospect in France? What should you plan for a successful business development trip to Mexico? These questions are but a sample of those you should be asking when doing business abroad.

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cultural intelligence

Cancer and Bias in the Workplace

Too often, we think of cancer as a death sentence. However, this disease has multiple forms, and survival rates are increasing. In Canada, 1 person out of 2 will be affected by cancer during their lifetime, representing a significant portion of the workforce, whether employees or entrepreneurs who create jobs.

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TED Talks on cultural intelligence
cultural intelligence

Top 3 TED Talks to watch on Cultural Intelligence today

Cultural intelligence, cultural quotient (CQ) – these terms refer to the new reality of communicating and doing business across cultures. It represents a person’s ability to understand and adapt to the perspective of another. In a world of increasingly blurring borders, you are almost certain to interact with people of

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