Translation and Cultural Adaptation

Acculturating copy to compel the target audience

Translation SERVICES

ACCULTURA delivers culturally adapted translation services – in other words, acculturated translation. Culturally adapted content has become an essential asset for organizations who operate with increasingly diverse workforce and consumers. And translation services must adjust accordingly.  

Translation has evolved considerably, thanks partly to artificial intelligence and increasingly sophisticated technological tools. However, while these tools make translating all matters of text easier, they have limitations. Few tools, if any, can discern the cultural nuances of a single language.

Culture and Language

Linguistic diversity is a translation challenge that significantly influences the impact of the message. To effectively engage the public, audience, or readership for which a message is intended, whether written or spoken, we can no longer talk about translation but rather, focus on cultural adaptation.

If you speak to a person in a language they understand, that goes to their head. If you speak to them in THEIR LANGUAGE, that goes straight to their heart. –  Nelson Mandela

Culture colours the language and makes it unique to a cultural group. It influences the message — and its keywords. When addressing a message to various audiences, simple translation or translation using technological tools is no longer sufficient.

To reach, compel and convince the target audience or readership, one must speak their language. This may involve speaking London English, Montreal French, or Spanish from Barcelona. For example…

The English Canadian writes like the British but thinks like a North American…

Cultural adaptation requires human intervention with knowledge of the culture to which the text refers. More than artificial intelligence, cultural adaptation requires cultural intelligence.

Specialized in communications and cultural intelligence, ACCULTURA has the necessary resources to produce translations that correspond to the culture of the target audience.

Our International Team

ACCULTURA gathers an extensive international network of translators from various cultures. We assign each project to a translation specialist who knows and understands the culture of the target public, audience, or readership. Our culturally diverse translators adapt texts to make them culturally relevant and compelling.

ACCULTURA is also committed to producing copy that adheres to the principles of inclusive writing, including epicene and gender-neutral formulations. This trend is on the rise, particularly in North American and European organizations, and has become an essential best practice for translating and writing all types of copy.

Translation and Cultural Adaptation

The languages we master

  • English – Canada, United Kingdom, United States
  • French – Canada France
  • Spanish – Mexico, Spain

Our translation and cultural adaptation services

  • From one language to another – for example, from Canadian English to Canadian French
  • From one language to another culture of the same language – for example, from US English to Canadian English

Our translators support the principles of inclusive writing, including epicene and gender-neutral formulations.

ACCULTURA provides cultural trainingtranslationcopywriting and cultural consulting services, as well as innovative conferences.