Tools for teachers

Helping teachers address cultural concepts in class

Tools for teachers

Teaching tools to address cultural concepts in the classroom, including racism, sexism and other social justice issues

Education remains the most effective weapon to combat racism, discrimination and other systems of cultural oppression.

ACCULTURA is pleased to add to its resource arsenal tools to support the brave warriors on the front lines: teachers.

This new product line will include teaching tools addressing “Race and Racism,” “Gender Equity,” and other social justice issues. The collections will include slide decks, teacher notes, videos, exercises and other such tools to help teachers address these sensitive topics in the classroom, as per student age and level.


Do you want to talk about racism with your teenagers?

Are you looking for ways to talk about gender discrimination in your high school classroom?

This helpful booklet provides 7 strategies to prepare your class for these sensitive discussions. It is a starting point for all teachers who want to address topics that involve social justice issues.

To mark the launch of this new product line, ACCULTURA is pleased to offer this practical guide for FREE.


Racism is a sensitive but essential subject. At the front line, teachers are increasingly pressed to address oppression in their classrooms. In our mission to help professionals navigate diversity, ACCULTURA supports teachers with up-to-date, appealing and user-friendly tools.

TeachingTeens: Race & Racism was designed by a Social Studies teacher and Masters of Education candidate at the University of Toronto, in collaboration with ACCULTURA. It was created to appeal to teenagers and compel them to develop critical thinking when navigating the complexity of race and racism.

If you are a teacher and want to be part of the solution to end racism, TeachingTeens: Race & Racism is for you.

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