Cultural intelligence training to promote performance in culturally diverse environments

Your marketing campaign is a success in France, but a failure in Japan?
Your VP Sales is brilliant, but can’t manage his team in Mexico?
A marketing campaign that misses the mark or an executive that fails to deliver abroad can cost millions of CAD, USD, EUROS…

ACCULTURA provides training – online or onsite – to help organizations enhance performance, creativity and cost-efficiency when meeting the challenges of international markets and multicultural teams.

ACCULTURA is proud to partner with AFI Expertise to deliver its online courses!

COURSE – Communications & Cultural Intelligence

Creating efficient marketing campaigns for culturally diverse audiences  

The “Communications & Cultural Intelligence” course is designed for marketing and communications executives, teams and professionals. ACCULTURA’s pioneering course addresses the challenges of cross-cultural communication applied in marketing and commercial communications. It explores topics such as Values and culture, Manifestations of cultures, Media landscapes, and Culture and consumer behaviour, to name a few. This course is practice-focused and can be customized to reflect your industry’s challenges.

Online and/or onsite training

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Training to improve performance in culturally diverse environments

The “Developing Cultural Intelligence” course helps executives, teams and professionals build their cultural awareness and train their “cultural muscle” to increase performance in diverse cultural contexts. Delivered by certified instructors online or onsite, this practice-focused training can be customized to reflect your industry’s challenges. ACCULTURA partners with a network of 700+ certified cultural intelligence trainers to deliver this course around the world, online or onsite.

Online and/or onsite training

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Learn how to develop effective communications and campaigns for culturally diverse audiences, locally and abroad

This unique and innovative learning path is particularly aimed at executives, employees or professionals in marketing, communications or sales, who are developing international markets or designing campaigns for culturally diverse audiences.

Online and/or onsite training

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Develop your cultural sensitivity to improve the performance of your multicultural teams or grow your business internationally

Are you managing a multicultural team? Do you do business internationally? This course is for you! Designed for executives, employees and professionals, this course will serve those who manage or work with diverse teams (ethnic, generational, professional, gender), on-site or dispersed, or who do business with clients and collaborators across borders. It will be equally helpful to those who communicate and transact with French Canada.

Online and/or onsite training

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They harnessed the power of cultural intelligence

In addition to our training services, ACCULTURA provides content and strategy services services along with e-learning tools.