COURSE – Developing Cultural Intelligence

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Improving Performance In Diverse Cultural Contexts

Globalization means most organizations have to manage diversity in some way or another. Whether doing business internationally or managing multicultural teams, locally or dispersed, harnessing the challenge of diversity can promote and even enhance the value of an organization.

The Developing Cultural Intelligence course helps managers, staff and professionals develop their “cultural muscle” to enhance performance in diverse cultural contexts – ethnic, generational, occupational, gender. Delivered by a certified cultural intelligence (CQ® Certified) instructor, this training is hands-on for immediate application.

NEXT SESSION: English -> 9-10/June 2020 | French -> 16-17/June 2020 (sessions between 10AM and 1PM)


TARGET AUDIENCE: Executives, employees and professionals working with colleagues, clients and collaborators from various cultures



  • Developing a better understanding of the effects of culture on our role
  • Learn how to develop and apply cultural intelligence in professional and personal contexts.
  • Improve efficiency when working with colleagues, clients and employees from diverse cultures


This course explores the fundamental dimensions of cultural sensitivity: CQ Drive, CQ Knowledge, CQ Strategy and CQ Action. It also examines 10 key cultural values and their impact relative to global cultural clusters.

Chapter 1 | Introduction — Culture matters

  • Impact of culture
  • The importance of developing cultural intelligence

Chapter 2 | Mapping cultural differences

  • Exploring 10 cultural clusters
  • Examining 10 key cultural values

Chapter 3 | Cultural intelligence — What is it, and why is it important?

  • Define and measure cultural intelligence
  • Exploring the 4 cultural dimensions

Chapter 4 | Developing cultural intelligence

  • Improving CQ Drive
  • Improving CQ Knowledge
  • Improving CQ Strategy
  • Improving CQ Action




1 For groups within organizations, ACCULTURA’s CQ-certified trainers can deliver this course in person at the client organization’s location*. For more details and a quote, contact us today.

* Restrictions may apply depending on the organization’s location (city, country).

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English + French


2 x 3 hours


Online or in class (for groups)


10 AM to 1 PM, English: 9-10/June, French: 16-17/June