COURSE – Communications & Cultural Intelligence

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Creating Effective Communications for Multicultural Audiences

Culture is a key vector in developing effective communications. Each culture perceives and acts according to its values. The Communications and Cultural Intelligence course addresses the challenges of cross-cultural communication applied to marketing and commercial communications (social media, PR, advertising, etc.).

Whether for audiences of diverse ethnicities, generations, professions or genders, this course explores the impact of cultural values on message perception and consumer behaviour. This hands-on course can be customized to reflect the challenges of a particular industry (for a group).

NEXT SESSIONS: French -> 2-3/June 2020 | English -> 22-23/June 2020 (sessions between 10AM and 1PM)


TARGET AUDIENCE: Marketing and communications executives, teams and professionals in organizations or agencies

PREREQUISITES: Diploma, training and/or practical experience in marketing/communication


Communications & Cultural Intelligence intends to raise participants’ awareness of the impact of cultural differences in marketing. It endeavours to equip them to communicate more effectively in the context of diverse cultures – particularly in the development of campaigns aimed at foreign markets.


This course is based on the Western communication model. It examines the impact of cultural diversity on the SENDER (communicator/advertiser), the MESSAGE (“speaking the language” of the audience), the MEDIUM (choice of media) and the RECEIVER (consumer/audience/stakeholder).

Chapter 1 | Exploring the SENDER

  • Defining culture
  • Values and culture
  • Cultural expressions

Chapter 2 | Exploring the MESSAGE

  • Styles of advertising
  • Manifestations of culture
  • Culture and communication

Chapter 3 | Exploring the MEDIUM

  • Media planning
  • Media landscape
  • E-Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Viral marketing
  • Social media

Chapter 4 | Exploring the RECEIVER

  • Culture and consumer behaviour
  • Culture and key messages
  • Advertising forms


1 For groups within organizations, ACCULTURA’s CQ-certified trainers can deliver this course in person at the client organization’s location*. For more details and a quote, contact us today.

* Restrictions may apply depending on the organization’s location (city, country).

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2 x 3 hours


English + French


Online or in class (for groups)


10 AM to 1 PM, English: 26-27/May, French: 2-3/June