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2019: Long live cultural differences

The implementation of major trade agreements such as the one between Canada and the European Union (CETA), the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) are a testament to a wide market opening on a global scale. The expanding variety of communication solutions, increased access to the Internet

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Culture and Language – The Narrow-mindedness of the Ontario Government

Context In Ontario, a Canadian province bordering Quebec, known for its French-speaking majority, unilingual Anglophone Premier Ford raises the ire of French Canadians by imposing his narrow vision with cuts to francophone university programs. And to hell with the other official Canadian language! Thus alienating a large Francophone minority that

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Cultural intelligence, diplomacy and business

It is probably safe to assume that few people know more about cultural adaptation than diplomats and foreign ministers. It came to me as I was reading Madam Secretary: A Memoir, the brilliant autobiographical book by Madeleine Albright, the 1st woman named Secretary of State in the US government. Appointed

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Flag page in French dictionnary

Cultural diversity and Olympic Games

As a child, I spent hours peering over the inside covers of Le Petit Larousse which presented a mosaic of the nations’ flags. I mused over their colors, symbols, and respective names. No wonder the Olympic games fascinate me! They gather nations for a few weeks of epic spectacular human

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London Eye

Cultural Diversity: A matter of perspective

The London Eye: a spectacular landmark in a city filled with arrestingly diverse architecture – a structure rarely missed, and often photographed, by anyone who visits the British capital. Given my last London escapade involved Cultural Intelligence training, I thought I’d use the Big Wheel as a metaphor to explore a key

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Épices et couleurs de Dubai

Multiculturalism: Mosaic or melting pot

The perception of multiculturalism can vary as much as the diversity of cultures within a country’s borders. As I’ve been diving deep into cultural research of late, I’ve stumbled upon multiple descriptions. One particularly captured my attention: the difference between the Canadian and the US perspective of multiculturalism. Canada tends

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Kiosque de la France au SIAL de Montréal

SIAL Montreal – Trading food across cultures

Among international trade shows happening in Canada, one of the most delicious is the SIAL. A crucial meeting point for all players in the food and beverage industry, SIAL gathers flavours and brands from various countries. What flavours, what colours! And what challenges! Doing business between chats and tastes, trading

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La famille Trudeau s'adapte à la culture indienne

Trudeau Goes to India – Adapting to local dresscode

A plethora of news feeds and social media commented on the Canadian Prime Minister’s clothes during his recent visit to India.  Faux pas? A distant echo of the Emperor’s New Clothes? Or a colourful cultural tribute that tickled media keyboards? Through the cultural intelligence lens, one may see a strong will

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H&M photo jeune noir avec hoodie Coolest Monkey in the jungle

Cultural Intelligence: Is H&M CQ-Challenged?

Earlier in January, H&M released an ad featuring a dark-colored child wearing a green hoodie with the inscription “coolest monkey in the jungle”. Soon after, the brand was accused of racism. The anger reverberated in social media – namely because Canadian singer-songwriter and brand collaborator The Weeknd loudly tweeted his

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