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Selling to international clients – 3 critical steps

International sales

How can you capture your Chinese prospect’s interest in an email? Is your French-Canadian presentation adapted to convince your prospect in France? What should you plan for a successful business development trip to Mexico? These questions are but a sample of those you should be asking when doing business abroad. But to sell successfully in…

Cultural Training in Canada

Photo by Andrew Gook on Unsplash 1 Marketing

This particular article was created for ACCULTURA’s cross-cultural UK partner. We love spreading Canadian culture across the pond! Google doesn’t fancy a double copy so instead of republishing the article here, please find this informative take on cultural awareness training in Canada at: #culturalintelligence #culturaltraining Happy reading!

Teleworking, e-learning and crisis recovery

online training Marketing

With COVID-19, most countries are on pause. Large segments of the population are going online, many of them to ensure business continuity. Remote work is becoming a business lifesaver. Some are accustomed to it, and others are just jumping in. We either see this situation through rose- or dark-coloured glasses. Is it an insurmountable obstacle?…

3 International Marketing Blunders

Globe terrestre

When Ford launched its Ford Pinto vehicle in Brazil, its branding team learned the hard way that “pinto” was a slang term for “small male genitalia”… Taking your business abroad is a big step in the expansion of your company. New people, new markets, new money – it’s an exciting venture! Of course, it has…

Social Media: Be Global, Get Personal

Social Media: Be Global, Get Personal

Remember the big billboards by the highways? Or perhaps the ads on TV that promised you a deal you just couldn’t refuse if you dialed their number right now? Those marketing techniques saw businesses dictate to the masses what is worth buying. However, in order to access those avenues of advertisement, companies needed a sizable…

Culture and the Rise of Emerging Markets

Perspective aérienne de la ville de Shanghai, quartier général de la New Development Bank pour les nouveaux marchés.

What can happen when you launch a product abroad without cultural awareness? Ask IKEA who released a cute toy wolf whose name in Cantonese regrettably turned out to be a crude insult. With the rise of emerging markets, cultural intelligence is becoming increasingly strategic as companies expand their operations to new horizons. Since the 2nd…

Culture in Business: It’s Personal

Cultural street market 1 Marketing

You may have heard the catchphrase, “Nothing personal – it’s just business.” Coined by Otto Biederman in the early 20th century, it was popularized by The Godfather, and is now used prominently by anyone and everyone. Fortunately, this phrase is no longer relevant. The power of social media combined with the rise of emerging markets…

Cultural Intelligence: Is H&M CQ-Challenged?

H&M photo jeune noir avec hoodie Coolest Monkey in the jungle

Earlier in January, H&M released an ad featuring a dark-colored child wearing a green hoodie with the inscription “coolest monkey in the jungle”. Soon after, the brand was accused of racism. The anger reverberated in social media – namely because Canadian singer-songwriter and brand collaborator The Weeknd loudly tweeted his disgust. Viral pandemonium ensued, throwing…

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