Leading International Sales Teams

Meeting the cross-cultural challenges of the sales process

Enhancing international Sales Teams Performance

Leading international sales teams

This unique program aims to enhance sales team performance by improving leadership, management and cultural skills.

Exclusive international sales team training program for leaders

  • Incite performance from your sales teams
  • Assess and develop skills to help teams perform in culturally diverse environments
  • Improve motivation and adaptability of teams in international sales


Designed for executives and managers, Leading International Sales Teams provides knowledge and tools to enhance sales teams’ performance in a culturally diverse context. Whether it be teams dealing with culturally diverse clients and customers or multicultural teams, this program will help devise strategies and tactics to foster efficiency.

Participants will explore key management concepts such as fostering motivation and creating effective and successful habits. They will also assess their cultural skills, learn how to develop them, and apply their knowledge within a culturally diverse environment.

This program is designed for sales executives, directors and account managers and anyone involved in leading sales teams on international markets.

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