Inclusive Leadership Challenges – White Papers

Part 2: Leadership Impact Challenges

Embrace Diversity:
Unlocking the Potential of Inclusive Leadership

Conquer the Challenges of Leadership Impact and Foster Success in Your Multifaceted Team

Unlock your full leadership potential with the Inclusive Leadership White Papers, a groundbreaking series crafted by industry experts Patrycja Riera and Ysabel Viau. These white papers provide actionable insights and practical strategies to tackle inclusive leadership challenges including Communications, Inclusive Culture, Leadership Impact, and Organizational challenges. 

Patrycja Riera and Ysabel Viau have put together a series of white papers that translate the research on cultural intelligence into highly practical advice for how to lead inclusively in a variety of contexts. -
Dr. David Livermore,
Social scientist and author of several award-winning books on cultural intelligence and global leadership

Leadership Impact Challenges is part 2 of a complete white paper comprised of 4 pieces. Each addresses current inclusive leadership challenges including: Communications; Inclusive Culture; Leadership Impact and Organizational Challenges.

Leadership Impact Challenges explores various communication challenges leaders encounter while managing diverse teams locally and globally. In this paper you will learn about:

  1. Cultural Accommodation – Adapting management styles to accommodate cultural differences and setting boundaries.
  2. Fostering Diverse Team Synergy – Helping highly diverse teams communicate and work together more efficiently and harmoniously.
  3. Gender Equity – Committing to gender equity in management/leadership.
  4. The “Straight White Man” – Keeping non-discriminated groups engaged when hiring/focusing on diversity groups, promoting and ensuring inclusion for all.
  5. Walking the Talk – Living the D&I plan, clarifying intentions and benefits, defining success, balancing awareness and impact.
  6. Setting Inclusion Goals – The challenge of moving from KPIs to KBIs.
  7. Relationships – Investing time in building relationships.

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Our vision for the Inclusive Leadership and Communications Challenges White Papers was to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges we frequently encounter in our practices, while equipping readers with practical tips and actionable insights for managing these challenges when working with diverse team members. Our focus is on the full spectrum of diversity, encompassing ethnicities, races, genders, generations, physical and mental capacities, languages, social classes, religions, and all other cultural groups.

Ysabel Viau, MBA, CQ-Certified

Combining her passion for cultures and communications, Ysabel founded ACCULTURA to help organizations manage and leverage differences. Holder of an MBA from Université de Sherbrooke, Ysabel garners 30+ years of experience in marketing and communications as an entrepreneur, GM, CMO, and writer. For academia, she developed a pioneering course combining communications and cultural intelligence for the Masters in International Arts program at Université de Montréal’s HEC. A Montreal native, Ysabel reflects the Canadian metropolis’s bicultural and fluently bilingual profile. Her passion for cultures has led her to explore nearly 40 countries in North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia, granting her a unique perspective on cultures and global markets. Ysabel shares her life with Reykjavik and Féroé, her two Siberian huskies with whom she enjoys hiking the gorgeous Canadian outdoors.

Patrycja Riera, MRes, MEcon, DBA Candidate, CQ-Certified

Inclusion Specialist Patrycja Riera is an advisor, strategist, researcher, and speaker. As the CEO of Inclusionem, Patrycja leads a team dedicated to helping clients build a measurable experience of inclusion through data, strategy building, and supporting behavioral shifts. She holds two master's degrees and is currently a doctoral candidate at the IE Business School in Madrid, researching inclusive leadership. Patrycja is also an Adjunct Professor and Academic Program Director at IE Business School, teaching diversity & inclusion subjects. Based in Dubai with her cross-cultural family, Patrycja works globally.

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