Inclusive Conversations

A Virtual Fireside Chat

Igniting essential conversations that create a more inclusive organization

Inclusion is a dominant conversation in the diversity and equity space, namely among leaders concerned with their team’s well-being. Creating safe spaces, increasingly referred to as “brave spaces”, are topping the list of strategies to ensure a more inclusive workplace. And it is inclusive conversations that create and nurture safe and courageous spaces.

Inclusive Conversations consists of a virtual discussion that addresses the topic of inclusion innovatively and dynamically. In a “fireside chat” interview, ACCULTURA engages in conversation with an inclusion expert.

While the approach to Inclusive Conversations is informal, the exchange is structured around key concepts defined in advance. This technique ensures a quality exchange that addresses the dominant issues in inclusion. It also allows the content to remain cutting-edge in the continually evolving diversity and inclusion space.

ACCULTURA maintains an extensive international network of leading experts – PhDs, researchers, academics, and others – in diversity, equity, inclusion, communications, wellness, and cultural and emotional intelligence. This network provides critical insights and perspectives on topics fundamental to helping organizations navigate and leverage cultural differences.

The Inclusive Conversations occur in a virtual format and last approximately 45 minutes. A 15-minute period follows the discussion to answer questions and engage the audience. 


ACCULTURA has designed Inclusive Conversations to:

  • Raise awareness of inclusive behaviours and language among organizations, their leaders, and staff
  • Ignite meaningful and essential dialogue within the organization
  • Create a more empathetic and healthy organization

Covered Topics

The free-flowing Fireside Chat format allows for an open and candid discussion. However, the exchange is structured around key concepts defined in advance. As such, preparation for Inclusive Conversations includes an audit with the working group responsible for the event. This process allows ACCULTURA to assess the organizational status and shape the conversation to address the challenges facing the organization, its leaders, and its people.

Inclusive Conversations address the following topics, either all or some, depending on the results of the pre-audit:


  • Creating a more inclusive workplace through open, candid, authentic interactions
  • Inclusion: a building block to accepting differences and respecting one another’s culture and identity
  • Practical and immediate steps to initiate more inclusive behaviours within the organization, its leadership, and its teams
  • Autonomy and identity in a diverse workspace
  • Lead yourself well to lead your team/organization well
  • How you feel influences how we live, how we work

60 minutes

Languages: English, French
Delivery: online

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