Inclusive Communication

Promoting inclusion and diversity through communication

Cultural training in communications

Learn principles, strategies, and best practices to promote inclusion and diversity through communication

Implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion policies is prompting leaders to re-evaluate how they communicate with their teams. Developing inclusive communication skills is increasingly becoming necessary to foster staff engagement and performance.

Communicating more inclusively reflects the organization’s commitment to creating a society that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. This learning session examines different cultural values and their impact on communication. It provides tools and strategies to help leaders develop communication skills to create a more inclusive environment and engage more meaningfully with their teams.

This session also touches on inclusive writing best practices to create more inclusive written and spoken communications.


  • Explore and understand cultural value differences and how they impact communication
  • Raise awareness around the cultural diversity spectrum, including gender, nationalities, generations, etc.
  • Acquire tools to better address cultural differences in communications
  • Encourage open discussions on inclusive communication challenges within the organization
  • Concepts and principles of inclusive communications
  • Cultural values and preferences
  • Application exercises using concepts learned to address the organization’s cultural communication challenges
Leadership inclusif
ACCULTURA can customize this learning session to reflect the organization’s specific challenges.


Participants can add ACCULTURA’s Inclusive Writing Workshop to dive deeper into the practical notions explored during this learning session.

Languages: English, French
Delivery: online, in person


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