Global Business Compass

ACCULTURA is proud to be the exclusive Canadian reseller for the Global Business Compass. This unique digital learning hub is designed to help organizations meet the various challenges of cross-cultural business and succeed in foreign markets.

The Global Business Compass is comprised of quality e-learning tools, including:

01. E-learning programs

E-learning programs including a Business Culture Essentials 1-hour course + 5 courses on doing business in China, Germany, India, Japan, the UK and the US

02. Videos

Video masterclasses on key cultural awareness themes

03. Profiles and stats sheets

Profiles and stats sheets for 40+ countries including Brazil, China, France, Japan, Mexico, the UAE, and more

04. Updates

Continuously updated and enriched content

Unveil a world of cultural knowledge for your employees and collaborators, and increase your organization’s international business.

Global business compass

Insightful content to inspire real results

Engaging and interactive online courses giving your team and collaborators the essential skills and knowledge they need to work effectively across borders.

Our practical courses will challenge participants to reflect on their own situations and how they can adapt their approach for better results.

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