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Cultural intelligence, diplomacy and business

It is probably safe to assume that few people know more about cultural adaptation than diplomats and foreign ministers. It came to me as I was reading Madam Secretary: A Memoir, the brilliant autobiographical book by Madeleine Albright, the 1st woman named Secretary of State in the US government. Appointed

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Flag page in French dictionnary

Cultural diversity and Olympic Games

As a child, I spent hours peering over the inside covers of Le Petit Larousse which presented a mosaic of the nations’ flags. I mused over their colors, symbols, and respective names. No wonder the Olympic games fascinate me! They gather nations for a few weeks of epic spectacular human

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La famille Trudeau s'adapte à la culture indienne

Trudeau Goes to India – Adapting to local dresscode

A plethora of news feeds and social media commented on the Canadian Prime Minister’s clothes during his recent visit to India.  Faux pas? A distant echo of the Emperor’s New Clothes? Or a colourful cultural tribute that tickled media keyboards? Through the cultural intelligence lens, one may see a strong will

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