MASTERCLASS – Intercultural communications

Interacting across borders


Communicate to build solid intercultural relationships

This condensed virtual learning session introduces key notions in intercultural communications. Participants in this masterclass explore basic tools and knowledge to help them interact more efficiently with diverse cultures at work and in business.

Acquire basic intercultural communication skills

  • Explore the cultural values that impact intercultural communication
  • Explore skills essential to intercultural exchanges and relations
  • Apply notions learned
  • OPTION to evaluate cultural skills with individual debrief

Whether dealing internationally or leading multicultural teams, communication is a critical issue. The cultural dimension adds a level of difficulty that can sometimes lead to misunderstandings and even conflicts.

During this succinct masterclass, participants explore and apply fundamental notions to enhance their communication skills in various cultural contexts. Brief yet effective, this session provides essential basic tools for dealing with interactions between people from different cultures.

Participants who wish to deepen their understanding of the learnings can take advantage of a cultural skills assessment and an individual debriefing session tailored to their specific context.

This program is designed for organizations, work teams, professional groups, or associations.

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes

Languages: English, French

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