Inclusive Leadership Sessions

Immersive, interactive, thought-provoking

Managing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Organization

An immersive, interactive, and reflective approach for senior and mid-level leadership

ACCULTURA created the Inclusive Leadership Sessions to help senior and middle managers better manage differences within the organization. This unique and innovative program invites participants to explore their cultural intelligence skills and apply them to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) challenges.

During these immersive, interactive and reflective sessions, participants deepen their experience of cultural diversity to appropriate the concepts and behaviours of inclusive leadership.


OBJECTIVES For senior leadership teams

  • Expand participant knowledge about cultural intelligence and DEI notions
  • Allow a pause for leaders to reflect and develop professional and personal DEI goals
  • Engage in discussions to co-create inclusive leadership behaviours within their teams
  • Gather actionable insight and tools to enhance inclusive leadership capabilities
  • Improve leadership in managing differences in the workplace

OBJECTIVES For mid-level management teams

  • Align mid-level management teams with knowledge acquired by their senior leadership teams
  • Drive team engagement in DEI best practices by fostering adoption of inclusive leadership behaviours
  • Co-create departmental and personal DEI objectives

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