Intelligence culturelle pour la diversité


Designed by certified trainers and experts in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), Fostering Diversity in the Organization focuses on analyzing, evaluating, and applying targeted and relevant training and events. Exclusive to ACCULTURA, this unique program helps initiate a delicate conversation and develop the cultural competencies essential to creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.

Program content

  • A conference on diversity and cultural intelligence for the organization to initiate the diversity conversation
  • An DEI needs analysis to produce a roadmap for training and targeted interventions according to the sector, challenges and objectives of the organization
  • An individual cultural intelligence assessment designed primarily to measure the state of cultural skills within the organization
  • A modular, interactive workshop to help leaders and their teams develop and apply their cultural skills

Depending on the results of the needs analysis, ACCULTURA can recommend solutions such as:

  • An E-learning on unconscious bias for the entire organization
  • Courses and workshops on specific topics such as gender equity, Aboriginal culture in Canada, etc.
  • Targeted interventions such as one-on-one coaching sessions to help leaders develop their cultural intelligence plan and address specific cultural challenges

Cultural Intelligence for Diversity

Innovative learning program to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization

  • Assess, inform and train leaders, teams and professionals on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Ensure the efficiency and well- being of your multicultural teams
  • Equip your team to better collaborate with colleagues from diverse cultures and better serve international clients

Fostering Diversity in the Organization is a blended learning program that helps participants assess and develop key competencies to navigate diverse cultural contexts, such as managing culturally diverse teams or conducting business with multicultural clients. 

This unique and innovative program initiates with the organization’s challenges. First, a rigorous audit is conducted to identify the organization’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) needs. The results of this audit are then used to develop an effective customized training plan that will generate sustainable benefits for the organization. 

This program is primarily intended for the organization’s leaders and managers. Some courses and events are intended for the entire organization.

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YES to Diversity!

Some brands that have developed their cultural intelligence

In addition to our training services, ACCULTURA provides translation services, e-learning tools and teaching materials.