Effective teaching in a culturally diverse classroom

Training and tools for inclusive teaching

Cultural Intelligence for Educators

Effective teaching in a culturally diverse classroom

Educators and corporate trainers will find this unique program essential for creating a rich and inclusive learning experience for multicultural classrooms. Whether the students are diverse in ethnicity, gender or age, Effective Teaching in a Culturally Diverse Classroom will enhance teachers’ effectiveness in providing accessible and compelling educational content.

Diversity training program for teachers of all levels

  • Assess and develop your cultural skills to recognize your strengths and blind spots
  • Explore cultural values and understand how they influence behaviours
  • Communicate more effectively with students and participants from diverse cultures

Diversity is ubiquitous in today’s classrooms and training workshops – even more so in a virtual or hybrid setting. Classrooms gathering students and participants from various ethnicities, genders or ages can contribute diverse perspectives, creativity and enriched mind-sharing. However, it can also present challenges for educators such as frustration, misunderstanding, unintentional offence and other uncomfortable or even damaging situations.

Now more than ever, educators and corporate trainers need to hone their cultural skills to teach more efficiently. To enhance the learning experience, they must develop and utilize their cultural intelligence (CQ) to improve awareness and apply more inclusive and empathetic teaching and training practices.

Our program is designed for educators of all levels of public and private schools and for trainers in businesses and government organizations.