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Courses, workshops, programs and tools to thrive in culturally diverse contexts

Your marketing campaign is a success in France, but a failure in Japan?
Your VP Sales is brilliant, but can’t manage his team in Mexico?
A marketing campaign that misses the mark or an executive that fails to deliver abroad can cost millions. They can also severely damage your reputation and brand image.

How do you fix the fails or better, how do you avoid them?

ACCULTURA provides training courses, workshops, programs, tools, and materials – online and in-class – to help organizations and professionals improve efficiency, stimulate creativity and optimize profitability. Learn how to better manage diversity, meet the communication challenges presented by culturally diverse audiences, lead multicultural teams and enter international markets.

We believe developing cultural intelligence facilitates adaptation. Above all, it promotes the acceptance of differences, contributing to the creation of a better world. ACCULTURA provides courses, programs and tools for you to be part of the solution.

cultural and communications training


Communications & Cultural Intelligence

Explore cultural values to create effective communications for multicultural audiences  

Communications & Cultural Intelligence is a workshop designed for marketing and communications executives, teams and professionals. ACCULTURA’s exclusive pioneering course addresses the challenges of cross-cultural communication applied in marketing and commercial communications. It explores topics such as cultural values, cultural expressions and manifestations, culture and media. This workshop is practice-focused and can be customized to reflect your industry’s challenges.

This training is provided in partnership with AFI Expertise.

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cultural intelligence training



Improve your performance in culturally diverse environments

Developing Cultural Intelligence helps executives, teams and professionals build their cultural awareness and train their “cultural muscle” to increase performance in culturally diverse contexts. Delivered by certified instructors, online or in class, this practice-focused workshop can be customized to reflect your industry’s challenges.

ACCULTURA partners with a network of 700+ certified cultural intelligence trainers to deliver this course around the world, online or onsite.

This training is provided in partnership with AFI Expertise.

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Cultural intelligence for communications

Cultural Intelligence for Communicators


Exclusive training program for international communications, marketing, and sales specialists and professionals

  • Explore cultural values and understand how they influence communications
  • Develop well-targeted campaigns for culturally diverse audiences
  • Reach international clients and audiences effectively

Developed by seasoned communications experts and cultural intelligence specialists, this exclusive training program is tailor-made for communication & marketing specialists, PR agents, sales representatives, customer service specialists and other communicators who communicate across cultures.

Exploring cultural intelligence and communication notions, participants acquire knowledge that will help them develop compelling messaging, pitches, and campaigns for culturally diverse audiences, local and abroad.

Comprised of a workshop, a cultural values assessment and other useful tools, this program will help you create efficient communications for culturally diverse audiences.

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Intelligence culturelle pour la diversité

Cultural Intelligence for Diversity


Extensive training program for a discrimination-free organization

  • Assess, inform and train your staff on diversity, equity and inclusion issues
  • Ensure the efficiency and well- being of your multicultural staff
  • Equip your team to better serve international clients and collaborate with colleagues from diverse cultures

Designed for executives, managers and professionals, this program will serve those who manage or work with culturally diverse teams, remote or on-site, or who conduct business with clients and partners across borders. It will also help English Canadians who work with clients or colleagues in French Canada. 

Comprised of a conference, a workshop, a cultural intelligence assessment and other useful tools, this program will help you be part of the solution to create a diverse, inclusive organization. 

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cultural intelligence for educators

Cultural Intelligence for Educators


Diversity training program for teachers of all levels

  • Assess and develop your cultural skills to recognize your strengths and blind spots
  • Explore cultural values and understand how they influence behaviours
  • Communicate more effectively with students from diverse cultural backgrounds

Diversity is ubiquitous in today’s classroom – even more so in a virtual or hybrid setting. Classrooms gathering students from various ethnicities and genders can contribute diverse perspectives, more creativity and enriched mind-sharing. It can also present challenges  for educators such as frustration, misunderstanding, unintentional offence and other uncomfortable or even damaging situations.

Now more than ever, educators need to hone their cultural skills to teach more efficiently. To enhance the learning experience, teachers must develop and utilize their cultural intelligence (CQ) to improve awareness and apply more inclusive and empathetic teaching practices.

Our program designed for educators of all levels includes a personal cultural intelligence assessment, a workshop to explore and develop cultural intelligence, and an individual consulting session.

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virtual team training small

Virtual teams & cultural Intelligence


Innovative multicultural virtual and hybrid team training program for managers

  • Understand and address the new management challenges of leading virtual and hybrid teams
  • Assess and develop cultural skills to manage culturally diverse teams efficiently
  • Improve global virtual team efficiency and engagement

Designed for managers, Leading Hybrid Teams with Cultural Awareness provides the knowledge and tools to lead multicultural virtual or hybrid teams efficiently. Participants explore various management processes such as team communication and team meetings. They also assess their cultural skills, learn how to develop them, and apply their knowledge within a culturally diverse team – of ethnicities, genders, generations and organizational functions.

This innovative program aims to foster an inclusive, engaging and efficient working environment by improving leaders’ management and cultural skills. The program includes:

  • A 90-minute course on Leading Hybrid Teams
  • An individual Cultural Intelligence Assessment
  • A 2 x 90-minute workshop on Developing Cultural Intelligence
  • An individual consultation with a cultural intelligence expert
  • A 1-year 24/7 access to a digital e-learning platform to refresh and deepen cultural knowledge

This program is available for groups of 6 to 20 participants.

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ventes internationales

Sales and Cultural Intelligence


Exclusive international sales team training program for leaders

  • Incite performance from your sales teams
  • Assess and develop skills to help teams perform in culturally diverse environments
  • Improve motivation and adaptability of teams in international sales

Designed for executives and managers, Leading International Sales Teams provides knowledge and tools to enhance sales teams’ performance in a culturally diverse context. Whether they are teams dealing with culturally diverse clients and customers or multicultural teams, this program will help devise strategies and tactics to foster efficiency.

Participants will explore key management concepts such as fostering motivation and creating effective and successful habits. They will also assess their cultural skills, learn how to develop them, and apply their knowledge within a culturally diverse environment.

Our program is designed for sales directors or anyone involved in leading sales teams in international markets.  

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In addition to our training services, ACCULTURA provides translation services, e-learning tools and teaching materials.