Cultural Consulting

Understanding the cultural values of target audiences


Cultural advice to support international market development 

In our hybrid world, access to international markets is now within reach of all large, medium, and small organizations. However, if reaching new markets across borders is more accessible, understanding the diverse cultures of these new customers and clients remains a significant challenge.

ACCULTURA’s cultural strategy consulting services help organizations better understand their target audiences’ cultural values and behaviours. Such knowledge accelerates market access by circumventing cultural barriers and avoiding costly missteps that limit or hinder international expansion.

Cultural Advice 

ACCULTURA supports organizations that want to expand their international reach. Whether at the thinking or deployment stage, our team can guide leaders in local culture matters. Our consulting services include

  • Targeted market and audience analysis
  • Communications audit and cultural adaptation
  • Product and service line analysis
  • Identifying and reporting on emerging trends
  • Identifying market opportunities

Canadian Market Expertise 

Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, ACCULTURA is particularly familiar with the cultural values of Canadian clients. Multicultural and multilingual, Canada favours business in both its official languages, English and French. However, like Europe, each province, territory, and nation possess cultural nuances, often significant, that make it a country incomparable to its neighbours to the south, the United States, or any other state in the world.

ACCULTURA can assist organizations aspiring to develop the Canadian market from coast to coast to coast. Whether it’s an organization based in France hoping to conquer North America through Quebec, or an Asian company looking to launch its Canadian business in Vancouver, ACCULTURA has the knowledge and expertise to develop the Canadian market.

Global Expertise

ACCULTURA nurtures an extensive network of cultural specialists in strategic countries and regions, including the United States, Mexico, France, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, China, and the Middle East.

Contact us to learn about our cultural capabilities in these strategic areas.

International sales

ACCULTURA provides cultural trainingtranslationcopywriting and cultural consulting services, as well as innovative conferences.