Innovative conferences to address diversity, inclusion, equity and wellbeing in the organization


Cancer @ Work

A pioneering conference addressing the inclusion of people impacted by cancer in the workplace

In this 60-minute talk, Ysabel Viau, entrepreneur and 2-time cancer survivor, discusses how she managed her health to continue running and growing her business in the midst of a global pandemic. She shares her personal story and provides valuable insight and tools to help leaders manage and support people impacted by cancer and other invisible physical challenges in the workplace.

Inclusive Conversations

Igniting essential conversations that create a more inclusive organization

Inclusion is a dominant conversation in the diversity and equity space, namely among leaders concerned with their team’s well-being. This conference provides useful insight to help them engage authentically with their teams in the workplace.

Understanding emotions  behind interpersonal challenges

Developing emotional literacy to interpret emotions and convert them into productive energy in the workplace.

When cross-cultural challenges arise, we tend to come up with solutions rooted in rational analysis. This engaging conference provides valuable tools to navigate difficult emotions in the workplace and turn them into a positive force.

Intelligence culturelle pour la diversité

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