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TED Talks on cultural intelligence
cultural intelligence

Top 3 TED Talks to watch on Cultural Intelligence today

Cultural intelligence, cultural quotient (CQ) – these terms refer to the new reality of communicating and doing business across cultures. It represents a person’s ability to understand and adapt to the perspective of another. In a world of increasingly blurring borders, you are almost certain to interact with people of

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3 Useful Tips to Lead a Virtual Team

3 Useful Tips to Lead a Virtual Team

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash   Technology has opened exciting new doors for entrepreneurs. One such opportunity is to conduct business virtually. We can now build a company and lead it to success entirely on the internet. Whether you’re selling goods, offering services, or even blogging and streaming game videos, you can

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Love is color

Workplace diversity: enriching and fun

If you’re reading this article, wherever you are, chances are that you’ve experienced diversity in the workplace. As boundaries between cultures blur, a variety of people integrates a wide spectrum of professions. This means an unprecedented amount of cultural exchange is happening all around the world. It is now your

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Globalization, communication, collaboration

Globalization, Communication, Collaboration

Globalization and collaboration ought to be words of the same semantic field. The former cannot function properly without the latter. Globalization is based on tearing down borders and opening your world to other cultures. Collaboration is rooted in communication, without which, a healthy exchange would be impossible. Opinions on globalization

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Cultural intelligence: Real Equality Isn't Possible, If We Don't Celebrate Our Differences

Cultural Intelligence: Turning Conflicts Into Connections

Cultural differences can be a catalyst for conflict, but they don’t have to be. Globalization and the internet are blurring the physical barriers between nations and people. Despite the distance, we are now closer than we have ever been before. This proximity has opened our eyes to differences and similarities

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Culture in Business: It’s Personal

You may have heard the catchphrase, “Nothing personal – it’s just business.” Coined by Otto Biederman in the early 20th century, it was popularized by The Godfather, and is now used prominently by anyone and everyone. Fortunately, this phrase is no longer relevant. The power of social media combined with

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Culture and Language – The Narrow-mindedness of the Ontario Government

Context In Ontario, a Canadian province bordering Quebec, known for its French-speaking majority, unilingual Anglophone Premier Ford raises the ire of French Canadians by imposing his narrow vision with cuts to francophone university programs. And to hell with the other official Canadian language! Thus alienating a large Francophone minority that

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Kiosque de la France au SIAL de Montréal

SIAL Montreal – Trading food across cultures

Among international trade shows happening in Canada, one of the most delicious is the SIAL. A crucial meeting point for all players in the food and beverage industry, SIAL gathers flavours and brands from various countries. What flavours, what colours! And what challenges! Doing business between chats and tastes, trading

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