Cancer @ Work

A pioneering conference addressing the inclusion of people with cancer at work

MANAGING Cancer in the workplace

During their lifetime, nearly 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 4 will die from the disease.” This means that someone in your work environment is at risk of developing cancer (or other chronic diseases) now or in the future. In addition to health management issues, the disease presents multiple challenges for coping in the workplace, whether you are battling it yourself or working with an employee, colleague, leader, or service partner dealing with cancer. What’s more, cancer doesn’t discriminate – not by race, age, or gender.

In this 60-minute conference, Ysabel Viau, business leader and 2-time cancer survivor, discusses how she managed her health condition while continuing to run and grow her business in the midst of a global pandemic. She shares her personal story and the tools that allowed her to continue working during this turbulent time in her life.

By sharing her experience and knowledge, Ysabel hopes to break down the taboos and prejudices that people with cancer or other chronic illnesses are less or not effective in the workplace. She presents the cultural intelligence model and its application to designing and implementing inclusive leadership strategies for people with invisible physical incapacities.

This innovative conference is the first and currently only one of its kind to address cancer in the workplace.

Cancer warrior
Photo credit: Patrick Beauchemin

Conference for the entire organization


  • Raise awareness on the issues facing people with cancer and other chronic diseases in the workplace
  • Enhance knowledge about managing cancer and other chronic diseases in the workplace
  • Facilitate cancer warriors’ health status management to remain active in the workplace


Target Audience

  • Leaders in organization and business leaders
  • People living with cancer and other chronic diseases returning to work or remaining active in the workplace
  • People who work with and for cancer warriors



  • Sharing a life experience
  • Cancer and chronic disease at work: A matter of diversity and inclusion
  • Cultural intelligence: A helpful management tool
  • The considerate organization
  • Q&A to address the participants’ questions and concerns


Duration: 60 minutes
Languages: English, French
Delivery: online, in person

“Powerful and useful.” – Marie Lemay, President and CEO at the Royal Canadian Mint

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