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Écriture inclusive - Inclusive writing

Inclusive writing goes beyond gender

Inclusive writing raises many questions, debates and, worse, ire—not just from linguists. Why all the fuss? Firstly, because too many associate inclusive writing with the sole notion of non-gendered or “feminized” writing. But inclusive writing, which bears witness to our human evolution, has a much broader target. Inclusive writing aims,

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Inclusive leadership
cultural intelligence

Inclusive Leadership: 4 fundamental principles

Inclusive leadership is a leadership style that emphasizes the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Inclusive leaders value their team members’ unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds and create an environment that encourages participation, collaboration, and innovation. This article explores the key principles of inclusive leadership and how

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cultural intelligence

7 tips for more inclusive communications

In today’s world, where diversity and inclusion have become critical values, and a competitive advantage, communicating inclusively is essential. Inclusive communication creates an environment where everyone feels welcome, respected, and heard. It means acknowledging and embracing differences and finding ways to bridge gaps in understanding.  7 tips for more inclusive communications: 

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Inclusive communications and cultural intelligence

Understanding and respecting others’ cultural backgrounds, values, and norms is more important than ever in today’s increasingly diverse and interconnected world. Cultural intelligence (CQ) is a crucial skill that helps individuals and organizations interact and communicate effectively with people from different cultures. By leveraging cultural intelligence, we can create more

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What is Cultural Intelligence – According to ChatGPT

We asked Chat GPT to write a 500-word blog on cultural intelligence, specifically: What is cultural intelligence? The result, as copy-pasted below, is impressive. However, we know that ChatGPT creates answers from a programmed database built using sources that may or may not be credible. Therefore, we reviewed the copy

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leadership inclusif
inclusive leadership

Inclusive Leadership: From KPIs to KBIs

As organizations and leaders progressively lean towards a more inclusive way of managing their people and conducting business, Key Behavioural Indicators (KBIs) are gaining momentum to measure efficiency – but also critical inclusive leadership behaviours such as humility, courage, and curiosity. Will KBIs dethrone Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as the

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Culture inclusive
cultural diversity

Inclusive Cultures

Our Inclusive Leadership Sessions (ILS) lead our participants to dive into myriad topics and candid conversations. One is cultural values, which we analyze before the sessions using cultural intelligence assessments. The assessments provide information on the participant’s position within the spectrum of a pair of “opposing” cultural values such as

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communication indirecte
cultural values

Direct vs Indirect Communications

One of the challenges that typically tops the list when managing diversity is communication barriers. Differences in languages are, of course, a key element and usually the first one we address. We translate texts for our presentations or marketing materials, get a language coach to communicate when we do not

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Leadership inclusif

Inclusive leadership and cultural intelligence

In their work to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations, a growing number of leaders aspire to be more inclusive. And with ample reason, it seems. According to an article published by Harvard Business Review, “inclusive leadership is emerging as a unique and critical capability helping organizations adapt

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design restaurant
cultural advice

Design and Cultural Adaptation – 3 steps

Designing a commercial space requires a deep understanding of the target clientele – even more so across borders. So, in designing a space for a Montreal clientele, Saguez & Partners, a global design agency based in France, turned to ACCULTURA to learn more about Canadian, Quebec and Montreal cultural values.

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