ACCULTURA helps organizations perform in diverse cultural environments. Supported by a global team of experts and partners, we provide practice-focused training and assessment services, cutting edge e-learning tools, and culturally intelligent content and strategies. Our innovative services and products help businesses increase sales, enhance team creativity and performance, and expand successfully in global markets.

What’s in a name

ACCULTURA comes from the verb “to acculturate” meaning to immerse in a process of change and adaptation as a result of permanent contact with other cultures.

A global team

ACCULTURA brings together an ecosystem of talents specialized in communications and cultural intelligence active on 3 continents: the Americas, Europe, and Asia. With strong local perspectives in a global context,

ACCULTURA combines skills and cultural knowledge to:

A multi-cultural team is working together

Always looking for talent

  • Writers, editors, translators and strategists in communications and international marketing from anywhere: welcome!
  • Global mind and interest in culture: essentials.

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