A Letter for George Floyd

black lives matter

On this day when the world bids farewell to the man whose murder has rekindled the flame essential to annihilating racial injustice…

In solidarity with the #blacklivesmatter protests…

As a sign of hope for a better world where we will be able to accept differences and appreciate their value in everyone’s lives…


A letter for George Floyd


I am white.

I am white-skinned, white-haired, and share my life with two white wolves.

I am a vanilla white female living in a multicultural, tolerant country.

These days, however…

I am feeling much too white.

I am feeling blue – sick to my stomach, appalled, and terribly sad.

I am feeling black and blue, bruised and battered by my conscience.

I am feeling deeply disturbed as I bear powerless witness to yet another horrifying moment in time when white has voided black.

Yet again, clear as day.

Yet again, on record – a video showing a white man killing a black man, hands in pockets, performing for onlookers to record.


The killer’s name is Chauvin – French for “chauvinistic,” referring to “an excessive and aggressive form of patriotism or nationalism that systematically denigrates all that is foreign.” A screaming coincidence.


The victim’s name is Floyd. His name swells the interminable list of non-white people that died at the hands of white folks who hate. White folks who are afraid. White folks who systematically denigrate all this is foreign. All that is different.


Thankfully, not all white folks are the same.

Difference can be within as well.

Difference can be good, fruitful, enriching.


Accepting cultural differences, within or foreign, may be our only saving grace.


#blacklivesmatter #acceptculturaldifferences


Photo by Sticker You on Unsplash



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