Cultural intelligence training and assessment programs to promote performance in culturally diverse environments

Programmes de formation en intelligence culturelle

Assess cultural intelligence to mitigate risk

Your marketing campaign is a success France, but a failure in Japan? Your VP Sales is brilliant, but can’t manage his team in Mexico? A failed marketing campaign and the costs of repatriation can result in the loss of millions of CAD, USD, EUROS, etc. To avoid that, ACCULTURA can assess the skills needed to anticipate and increase performance in diverse cultural contexts.

Diversity training

Develop cultural intelligence to improve performance

The good news is: one can develop cultural intelligence. Courses and workshops can help companies meet the challenges of international markets and multicultural teams. ACCULTURA partners with the Cultural Intelligence Center and a network of 600+ cultural intelligence trainers to provide custom training for corporate objectives.

They have harnessed the power of cultural intelligence

In addition to our strategy services, ACCULTURA provides Content and Strategy services.