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3 International Marketing Blunders

When Ford launched its Ford Pinto vehicle in Brazil, its branding team learned the hard way that “pinto” was a slang term for “small male genitalia”… Taking your business abroad is a big step in the expansion of your company. New people, new markets, new money – it’s an exciting venture! Of course, it has…

Top 3 TED Talks to watch on Cultural Intelligence today

TED Talks on cultural intelligence

Cultural intelligence, cultural quotient (CQ) – these terms refer to the new reality of communicating and doing business across cultures. It represents a person’s ability to understand and adapt to the perspective of another. In a world of increasingly blurring borders, you are almost certain to interact with people of various cultural heritage. Whether the…

Everything You Wanted To Know About Diversity In The Workplace


  Diversity is more than a recent trend among businesses. It’s more than a tool for companies to appear progressive. Diversity is the new reality of the world, whether personal or professional. It’s a necessity to allow our societies to keep moving forward. A heterogeneous workforce is crucial to help include and welcome underrepresented communities….

What Is Cultural Intelligence?

World map

A game-changer in a world without frontiers Imagine this scenario. You lead a successful company based somewhere in Europe. Business is booming; people love your product and profits abound. You have amassed enough capital to contemplate new horizons. Your advisors inform you that your product has great potential in Japan.  Excited, you task your marketing…

3 Useful Tips to Lead a Virtual Team

3 Useful Tips to Lead a Virtual Team

Photo by Ben Duchac on Unsplash   Technology has opened exciting new doors for entrepreneurs. One such opportunity is to conduct business virtually. We can now build a company and lead it to success entirely on the internet. Whether you’re selling goods, offering services, or even blogging and streaming game videos, you can run your global business from…

International Business Management Advice From 4 Successful CEOs

Like a Boss

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash International business can be both a thrilling adventure and a ruthless trial. This is particularly true for new entrepreneurs trying to pierce into lucrative markets overseas. Your ambitions and the inspiration from the success of predecessors can drive you to realize your dreams. However, while the experiences you will gain from such…

Workplace diversity: enriching and fun

Love is color

If you’re reading this article, wherever you are, chances are that you’ve experienced diversity in the workplace. As boundaries between cultures blur, a variety of people integrates a wide spectrum of professions. This means an unprecedented amount of cultural exchange is happening all around the world. It is now your responsibility to lead an assorted,…

Brexit: Sovereignty vs. Isolation


Photo by David Dibert on Unsplash OK, let’s do it… Let’s talk about Brexit. But let’s not talk about the pros and cons or against the dominion of the European Union. Let’s talk about the melting pot of inevitably interconnected cultures that constitute Europe. A much more interesting… and unifying topic! There is something poetic about the end…

Azerbaijan: Multiculturalism as a state policy

Flame Towers, Baku, Azerbaijan

(Photo:,_Azerbaijan.png) When you hear/read the word “multiculturalism”, Azerbaijan may not be the first thing that comes to mind. Yet the South Caucasus nation on the border of the Caspian Sea has become one of the few countries to embrace multiculturalism as a governmental policy. The Republic of Azerbaijan lays between Russia to the north,…

Globalization, Communication, Collaboration

Globalization, communication, collaboration

Globalization and collaboration ought to be words of the same semantic field. The former cannot function properly without the latter. Globalization is based on tearing down borders and opening your world to other cultures. Collaboration is rooted in communication, without which, a healthy exchange would be impossible. Opinions on globalization can often be divided. On…