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What’s in a name

ACCULTURA: From the verb to acculturate, which means immersing oneself in a process of change and adaptation as a result of permanent contact with other cultures.

Two employees of different cultures chat


The ability to build relationships, work and communicate effectively in culturally diverse environments.

Flags from various countries

Bridging cultural gaps

Marketing failures caused by poor translation or cultural insensitivity abound. H&M, and many others have paid dearly for their cultural mistakes – think millions of dollars in production costs, sales lost to boycotting and tarnished reputations.

Business, communications, and culture

A communications expert since 1988, Ysabel Viau created ACCULTURA to fill a vacuum in culturally sensitive marketing. Her passion for knowledge led the MBA’d globetrotter to globalize her expertise by obtaining a certification in cultural intelligence (CQ) and gathering an international and multicultural team to create her 3rd business to date.

Ysabel Viau: Experte en communication

A global team

ACCULTURA brings together an ecosystem of talents specialized in communications and cultural intelligence active on 3 continents: the Americas, Europe, and Asia. With strong local perspectives in a global context,

ACCULTURA combines skills and cultural knowledge to:

A multi-cultural team is working together

Always looking for talent

  • Writers, editors, translators and strategists in communications and international marketing from anywhere: welcome!
  • Global mind and interest in culture: essentials.

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